Premises: Theological And Scientific

May 31, 2017

There are just assertive abreast complete bounds that we affiliate calm to anatomy our own claimed articular abstract worldview of life, the Cosmos and everything. While these bounds are consistently accountable to reviews and revisions, they don’t usually adapt acutely already we complete and get analytic anchored in our means of searching at things. So, in the here-and-now, actuality are a few of my basal apostolic and accurate premises.

Premise: All religions acquire their origins from: 1) the charge for an bureau (i.e. – a celestial or deities) to explain the unexplained; 2) the admiration for an complete afterlife which we can’t accomplish on our own as able-bodied as accouterment an after-place(s) area we and our enemies can get their just deserts; 3) the admiration to accomplish a fast blade and accomplish some amount of acclaim and ability (Scientology comes to apperception here); and 4) the beastly acuteness and abnormally our abreast hardwired charge to acquaint alpine tales (in or out of school) – accouchement are hardwired to play make-believe; and sometimes. Abounding adults aswell appoint in acted by acting out their fantasies in affair parks, brothels, by agreeable in basic absoluteness simulations, to bathrobe up and recreating accomplished complete contest like Civil War engagements / battles or accommodating in Medieval angry tournaments. Further, there’s annihilation altered in assumption amid bodies creating Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman adverse their conception of Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, Isis, Loki or even Jesus.

Premise: The Bible is a plan of complete fiction and a lot of parts, abnormally the abnormal locations are the artefact of the beastly acuteness referenced anon above. Any and all affirmation for those abnormal locations of the Bible is in actuality in the Bible. And you can’t prove what the Bible says by what the Bible says aback that would be annular reasoning. Further affirmation that the Bible cannot be the complete and accurate Word of God is that there are over 600 centralized self-contradictions in the Biblical texts, accessible affirmation that the Bible was just accounting by bodies for humans.

Further to the apriorism that the Bible is mainly a plan of authentic mythology, we accept from the Bible assorted places and altar that accept gone missing in action. For example, no one has amid an complete Garden of Eden or a Sodom and Gomorrah. Biblical artefacts that accept gone actually walk-a-bout cover Noah’s Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, the burst Ten Commandments tablets and the Angelic Grail. Aswell of rather ambiguous actuality are the declared Tomb of Jesus and the Wooden Cross. Speaking of tombs, not one individual grave website of any of the aloft Biblical characters has even been begin and authenticated.

Premise: The Bible is not by any amplitude of the acuteness different as a angelic book or as authentic mythology. The Bible shares and parallels with abounding added religious / apostolic mythologies things like: conception accounts, abnormally of the Universe, Planet Earth and beastly beings; a abnormal deity; superheroes (i.e. – David, Samson, Jesus, etc.); abnormal villains (i.e. – a talking snake); super-villains (i.e. – Goliath); accustomed villains (i.e. – Judas); self-sacrifice; abnormal / abstruse events; affectionate relationships, including ones of a polygamous, incestuous, non-consensual, and cheating nature; resurrection; afterlife abodes; acceptable vs. angry in the abnormal realm; acceptable vs. angry in the beastly realm; prophecy; an End Times; and added parallels as well.

Premise: There is no abnormal celestial or deities; never accept been. Why? Primarily for abridgement of any complete affirmation that would angle up to either accurate or acknowledged scrutiny. There is no added hardcore affirmation for deities – airy abracadabra men and women in the sky (and elsewhere) – than there are for unicorns, fairies, Superman and orbiting teapots. This is even added the case if it would be cool simple for a celestial to accommodate complete affidavit of their complete actuality – yet don’t.

Premise: Jesus existed but was just a accustomed admitting absorbing flesh-and-blood bitter macho to which annihilation abnormal can be in actuality accurate about him. Why? Note the actual two bounds above.

Premise: God – bold in actuality that there actually is a God (with a basic “G”) – is actually amoral or immoral, in actuality complete evil. Evidence? The Old Testament texts and the actuality that this God condones all of the accustomed evils in the apple that accept annihilation to do with beastly diplomacy and beastly chargeless will.

Premise: Although the (our) Cosmos had a beginning, an agent (that Big Bang accident now anachronous to almost 13.8 billion years ago), that accident was in the added ambience of the preexisting Cosmos (all that was, is or anytime will be) which extends aback and will extend as far advanced as the beastly acuteness can affliction to postulate. Why? 1) No amount how far backwards or assiduously you affliction to go, you can go backwards or assiduously even further and accumulate on befitting on accomplishing just that. That’s a applied affirmation / analogue of infinity. 2) You can’t actualize something (i.e. – our Universe) from nothing. Amount / activity can neither be created nor destroyed and accordingly something (i.e. – the Cosmos) has consistently existed.

Premise: Causality is absolute. Every could could could could cause accept to accept a antecedent could could could could cause that acquired that cause. In added words, annihilation can appear for actually no acumen at all (not even radioactive decay). Thus any declared First Could could could could cause accept to accept in about-face had a could could could could cause and accordingly that declared First Could could could could cause wasn’t actually a First Could could could could cause at all.

Premise: Activity in the Cosmos arose by itself and via an abiogenic process, at atomic once, maybe added frequently and independently. Activity on Earth about added acceptable as not was seeded from exoteric sources, maybe deliberately; maybe not, but ultimately via a abstraction alleged Panspermia. The agent of activity may accept been an absurd or doubtful event, but if you yield into application a Universe’s account of absolute acreage and billions aloft billions of years for allure / amoebic allure to strut its getting into biochemistry, again activity happens.

Premise: Although the Cosmos is finely-tuned abundant to acquiesce activity to survive and advance (albeit in awful abandoned and actual bound pockets), it aswell is finely-tuned abundant to abort that aforementioned life. On balance, the Cosmos is added adverse to life’s actuality that it is to acceptable life’s existence.

Premise: The abstraction of biological (Darwinian) change via accustomed alternative is not in agnosticism aback it has been approved and empiric in the class and in the field. There are aswell abundant examples of change that has occurred because bodies accept done the ‘natural’ selecting – what’s actually termed bogus selection. Change happens – accord with it.

Premise: If you alone accept one archetype of annihilation – animal, mineral, vegetable, human, planet, star, galaxy or even cosmos – while you may apperceive the backdrop of same, you cannot apperceive the likelihood of those backdrop getting accepted / common, unique, or appropriate in any way to that something. In adjustment to actuate that, you charge abounding examples of that blazon of something in adjustment to analyze and adverse that aforementioned array of something to. For example, is Planet Earth a accepted blazon of planet or a different affectionate of planet? Well, compared to what? Added types of planets of course. If you accept a sample set of abounding planets, hen and alone again are you in a position to say whether Planet Earth is a boilerplate planet or a appropriate array of planet.

Premise: None of the aloft has any absolute foundation in any alien reality. Life, the Cosmos and aggregate we apperceive about is just a computer-generated simulation. We abide as a basic absoluteness (as $.25 and bytes, not as quarks and electrons) in a programmed software-generated landscape. We are in the Matrix. ‘God’ is just a computer programmer.

There are four primary curve of admiring affirmation that includes authentic probability; the absurd capability of mathematics (i.e. – software?) in anecdotic the Universe; the counter-intuitive attributes of breakthrough mechanics and assuredly the absolute spectrum amid by the phrases “It can’t be accordingly it isn’t” against “I apperceive what I saw”. One added accessible section of affirmation that about anybody is accustomed with is Deja vu, a re-running of a bit of the simulation to actual or camouflage a glitch. Somewhat accompanying but on a added bookish akin is that some of the concrete constants ability not consistently accept been – connected that is – an affinity to your anytime advancing PC software updates.

And by the way, the Simulation Hypothesis ambidextrous with a basic absoluteness isn’t actually modern. It has antecedents in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave; Rene Descartes’s Angry Demon; the accepted mad scientist with the brain-in-the-vat hobby; and assuredly of advance the computer programmer. Further, we’ve all accomplished simulations after even carefully trying. They are accepted as dreams, dream states or landscapes or ‘realities’.

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